Ina Poon Bato "The Miraculous Blessed Mother"

The Story of Ina PoonBato



 Prayer For Peace

Heavenly Mother of Poon Bato

You promised peace if the sinful world turns tou your immaculate penance

We turn to you in spirit  of penance

and filial confidence

Merciful Heart,obtain for us peace/

send a just and lasting peace to the world

Make justice and righteousness triumph over all godless forces;

over hatred,tyranny and sin

Mercifully protect our Family/our Holy Mother Church/our Holy Father/Cardinals/Bishops & Priests.

Guard our homes,churches and our country

Holy Mary ,Mother of God,

pity mankind in its misery,sufferings and helplessness

Prove to all nations the wonderful love 

of your Immaculate and Maternal Heart  

lead them to your Divine Son,

to His peace and endless joy.


In 1607, shortly after the Augustinian Recoleto Missionaries arrived in Zambales, they heard stories of the Miraculous Lady of the Aetas.Thinking this to be part of their "anito worship",the priest wanted to see the miraculous Lady.Upon seeing the image,the Recoletos missionaries  were amazed."This is unbelievable",cried the young friar."It's our Blessed Mother! How can she be here ahead of us!"the older priest said ,"She must have paved the way for our coming."

The friars transferred the image to the Church.There She stayed until after the Philippine Revolution.After executing the Parish priest,Fr. Julian Jimenez,patriot rebels took the image to their newly established church, The Philippine Independent  Church.

In 1976, a columban priest, Rev. Fr. Patrick Duggan ordered a replica made of the Ina Poon Bato image by the famous religious scultor, Maximo Vicente.

In 1981, moved by an inner prompting ,Mother Therese Vicente H.F.J., Foundress of the Holy Face of Jesus, borrowed the image and brought it to Mrs.Rosellyn Enciso Magsaysay for her to promote the devotion.The diocese of Zambales,under His Eminence Bishop Henry Byrne,gave the devotion and the mission ecclesiastical approval.Then Fr.Duggan asked Rosellyn Magsaysay to replace his wooden Statue at the grotto that was damaged due to exposure to the rain and sunlight. Then restored by Mrs. Rosellyn Magsaysay.Fr. Duggan gave the wooden statue to her as a gift.Which is now known  as the International Pilgrim Image that has been canonically blessed by Pope John Paul II in St. Peter Square,Vatican,Rome.

Since then Ina Poon Bato has been to nearly all the Dioceses in the Philippines.She visited various States in America,Europe and Asian countries.In Rome,accompanied by Archbishop Paciano Ancieto,D.D.,the image was blessed by Pope John Paul II.(see photos below)






A moving memento of the 1991 eruption of Mount Pinatubo was the picture of Ina Poon Bato half buried in lahar at her grotto in Botolan,Zambales. At the same time, Pope John Paul II received a statue of Ina Poon Bato wherein he led the people in prayer for the victims of Mt. Pinatubo eruption.



Internationally known seers and healers have become devotees to Ina,among them  is Sr. Philip Marie Burle, who travels with picture of Ina in her Bible, and the Irish seer Christina Gallagher , who asked for a statue of Ina, which she received on her visit to the Philippines in 1992.

Wherever Ina goes and makes Her visits, Ina leaves behind blessings and miracles ranging from instant cures to financial help. Ina brings hope to those She visits  in hospitals, churches, offices and private homes. Ina strengthens the faith and brings her closer to Her Son Jesus Christ .



 Bishop Henry Byrne

On May 31,1982, the Catholic prelate of Zambales, Bishop Henry Byrne, seconded the message that the Blessed Mother made through Mother Therese.

In a letter to Mrs. Magsaysay, the prelate claimed great pleasure over the success of the pilgrimage of Ina PoonBato in Zambales, and at the willingness of the BSK movement to take the statue on pilgrimage to places outside the province  of Zambales or the prelature of Iba.



He said, I am most pleased to give my consent that you take the statue outside of our Prelature to any Diocese to which you may have been invited with the consent of the local Bishops either in the Philippines or to a Philippine Community abroad.

This was to  be affirmed by Bishop Byrne's Successor,Bishop Paciano  B. Ancieto two years later then next is Most Rev. Deogracias S. Iniguez,Jr.,D.D.  and the present Bishop Florentino G. Lavarias.The Bishop expressed appreciation over your generous effort and sacrifices in propagating the devotion Lady of Peace of Good Voyage of Poon Bato, Zambales,Philippines.



After the Mount Pinatubo eruption,the lost Shrine of Ina that Bishop Byrne constructed was buried in Lahar,now, a new shrine was constructed at the new site located in Loob Bunga relocaton Center in Botolan ,Zambales.

 The lost shrine of Ina Poon Bato in Poon Bato,Botolan,Zambales, that was built by Bishop Henry Byrne( 1st Bishop of Zambales) which was buried under lahar during the Mount Pinatubo Eruption. 


 The new shrine now located in Poon Bato,Loob Bunga Resettlement  Site,Botolan Zambales , that was built by the devotees of Ina Poon Bato,spearheaded by Ina Poon Bato Foundation assisted by Governor Vic Magsaysay(Zambales).


Ina Poon Bato Foundation,Headed by the founder/President,Rosellyn Enciso Magsaysay,organized a fund raising with Rosario Lopez as Chair and Former First Lady Loi Ejercito Estrada as Chairman of the Advisory Council and Bishop Deogracias Yniguez with Monsignor Cacho as Spiritual Director. 


Thus embarked Ina on Her to Many Places in the country and foreign lands.

Jaime Cardinal Sin officiated Her enthronement at the Manila Cathedral.

On Her Visit to the Diocese of Davao,photos taken seconds in time apart caught Her smiling,evocative of the smile on the image's face at the backseat of Rosellyn 's car in 1981.



These pictures,taken seconds apart,one after the other ,were photograph last March 5,1983 in Davao City be seen clearly that Ina's countenance has been seen to change -sometimes very serious,like photo on the left and then sometimes smiling like the photo on right.

This Miraculous event took place during the dawn procession of the Rosary Rally Crusade for World Peace ,a special project of the Balikatan sa Kaunlaran Movement for Spiritual upliftment,which is head by Mrs.Rosellyn Enciso-Magsaysay.It has been ecclesiastically approved by the late Bishop Henry Byrne of Zambales.  

Titles of Ina Poon Bato


The Blessed Virgin Mary is venerated under many titles.This reflects Her reflector as the chosen woman most blessed among all and the widespread devotion accorded the maiden of Nazareth who became the Queen of heaven and earth.

Among the titles under which she has exercised her maternal solitude especially to the aetas and other Zambalenos all over the world  and now extending to more and more devotees is Ina Poonbato.

Poonbato is one of the thirteen barangays peopled by the aetas in Botolan Zambales.These barangays were buried under the ashes of Mt. Pinatubo in 1991.But the barangays continue to carry their original names in the places where the inhabitants have resettled."Ina" is the title fittingly expressing the Blessed Mother's continuing solitude for all her children and manifesting their trust and love for her. This appellation appropriately stresses the role she has been destined by her son Jesus to play in life of every disciple and of the community His disciples have formd and will form.

 Ina Poonbato is popularly called "Apo Apang" among her devotees at the Aglipayan church in Zambales.This Points to the original title from which the present image derived inspiration- namely, Nuestra Senora de la Paz y Buen Viaje."Apang" is a common nickname for "Paz". Ina poonbato is the bearer of peace to individuals, families, associations,villages, towns and provinces.

The many wondrous ,some all miraculous, incidents and manifestations connected with Ina Poonbato are eloquent approvals of Jesus and His Holy Mother to the devotion accorded the Blessed Virgin Mary under this title-in Zambales.throughout the Philippines and in many other parts of the world. 


Source: "25th year Silver Jubilee Celebration Propagation of Faith to Ina Poon Bato 1981-2006" 

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