Ina Poon Bato "The Miraculous Blessed Mother"

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 Philippine Daily Inquirer(Sunday,June 30 ,1991)



BOTOLAN,Zambales--If faith can move mountains,can it also tame Mount Pinatubo?

The natives of this town hope so,as they clutch their rosary beads along with their relief goods on their way to the miraculous Virgin of Ina Poon Bato.

Already,the Blonde Blue eyed teracotta image has become indiginized  into "Apo Apang" from its original  hispanic title  as  the Nuestra  Senora de La Paz.

Hundreds of devotees flock  daily to the municipal building where the  image has been enshrined,after it was moved out of the Aglipayan church in Poon Bato less than 20 kilometers from Pinatubo.

The faithful ask for nothing short of a miracle from the placid faced Virgin,trusting that her serene smile could appeasde the angry volcano.

"Hinihiling namin kay Apo Apang na sana pahintuin na niya ang Pinatubo,"say Laura Sionelio,41,of Barangay Batonlapoc.

After ash and rocks buried their towns,Zambalenos have started storming the heavens for relief  .

"Apo Apang is miraculous and can easily  stop Pinatubo's fury ,"Sionelio says confidently.


Stories abound in this town of how Apo Apang's statue has remained unscathed  despite the efforts by the japanese to burn in 1941.Several Miracles later,her devotees have increased a hundredfold.

Zambales residents also talk proudly of this "orihinal na Birheng Poon Bato" ,pointing to a catholic version,also said to be miraculous ,the Ina Poon Bato.

The Ina Poon Bato was donated by Rosellyn Magsaysay ,wife of Former Zambales Governor Vicente Magsaysay,on January 22,1984.

A shrine was built near the foot of Bastak Bridge in Poon Bato because numerous people saw the Virgin Mary appear there.

Ernesto Dayo vividly recalls that on September 11,1983,he saw the Virgin in dazzling white at the spot .Dayo now gurads the guesthouse near the shrine.

Apo Apang,the story goes,is keen on promises and woe to those who break them.

Ten Manila press photographers,including INQUIRER lensman Boy Cabrido,learned of this first hand when they narrowly escaped Pinatubo's pyroclastic flow on June 15.The group,it turned out ,had promised but failed to visit the Apo Apang's shrine the day before.


While Poon Bato is now a deserted place ,sealed off by military from residents trying to return home ,Ina Poon BAto has remained safe from Pinatubo's mudflows even if her shrine is within the danger zone.

Cabrido said that when they last saw the Virgin on Thursday,they marveled at how even the mudflows seemed to defer and pay homage to her.

Cabrido pointed out that up to two feet of mud had encroached on the riverbank but surprisingly stopped a few meters from her foothold.Had the mudflow persisted,half of the Virgin's  body could have been submerge by mud,Cabrido said. 




Philippine Daily Inquirer(September 9,2001)

Botolan Folk Thank Virgin Mary for Saving town Again


PDI Central Luzon Desk 

BOTOLAN,Zambales--Devotees here believe that the blessed Mother saved this town from the flash floods and lahar avalanches as expected from the breaching Thursday of Mt.Pinatubo' crater lake.

To give thanks for the miracle ,devotees of her oldest image in the Philippines,the Ina Poon Bato(Our Lady of Scared Rocks),flocked to the Loob Bunga resettlement site all day yesterday.

They Venerated not only the original but also its two replicas. 

In the Aglipayan Church where the original image is preserved ,they kissed and touched it ,and wiped it with towels and handkerchiefs in the hope of gaining blessings or relief from their afflictions.

And in the Roman Catholic chapel where a replica,which is now fixed on the bank of a rock stewn river the Catholic chapel.

Resident Betty Dumlao and policemen from Camp Olivas ,Pampanga,plucked this replica out of the lahar that buried Barangay Poon Bato during the 1991 eruptions of Pinatubo,which are considered among the most violent in the 20th century.

Its hands are locked in prayer ,unlike the original image that,according to Aglipaayan lay worker Teddy evangelista ,the Aetas secured during their flight weeks before the 1991 eruptions.

the original,with its palms spread,stands less than 3 feet shorter than its modern replicas by two feet. 




Manila Bulletin (Wednesday,April 15,1992)


Orlando F. Aquino

There seems to be no end to the miraculous happenings at the Gonzales home in Las Piñas.This time,it is not only the Sto.Niño  image that is shedding oil but also the images of Mother Mary(Ina Poon Bato) and  St.Joseph on both side of the infant Jesus.

We made another visit to the place last weekend and saw for ourselves the simultaneous oil perspiration of the images of the holy family..The oil made their faces shiny  but it was not of enough quantity to drip into the bottle placed at the base of the Sto.Niño or soak the cotton gauze at the foot of Mother Mary and St.Joseph.

However,we were still able to get some of the oil which according to those who have received it,has been able to bring relief and perhaps cure to ailments considered as beyond the curative ability of medical science.Our feedback is to the effect that a great number of those who have applied the oil have reported improvements in their condition .In fact the husband of a co-employee was said to have been cured  of his allergy because of the oil.

And the elder Mrs.Gonzales told us that her son,paralyzed for ten years by a blow tot he head and confined to the wheelchair ,is now able to stand up on his own power.Earlier,he has been able to move his petrified arms and speak much more coherently.

Mrs.Gonzales also showed us the progress in the construction of the shrine for the Sto.Niño beside the house and expresses the hope that it will be completed soon so that "the people can come and pray before the miraculous image."From the looks of it,the shrine would be finished before the end  of the month .

The end of the waiting is near. 




Philippine Daily Inquirer (Thursday,August 26, 1993)


Llita T. Logarta

The first time I saw the miraculous image of Ina Poon Bato was on July 31 this year when I went to Botolan High School in Botolan.Zambales to give a lecture to the teachers,sta.Monica church where the image is enshrined now was nearby.

I remember that it was raining  hard at that time.I heard that it had been raining for One whole week.This became a problem because the following day the image of St.Joseph was supposed to be enthroned by Msgr.Josefino Ramirez who was coming all the way from Manila.

So I offered eggs to Ina Poon bato and asked her to stop the rain and give us a good weather the following day.You won't believe it ,but the sun was shining the following morning,as if it had never rained Msgr.Ramirez and his friends,who included Ninay Padilla,Danny Reyes,Geminiano and Marissa de Jesus ,were able to drive up.I was telling the parish priest,Fr. Nelson Vencilao,that it was indeed a miracle.

The miracle did not stop there,Now I am Being guided to write about her,so people will know where she is,after the town of Poon Bato was buried under lahar.

For those who are not familiar with Ina Poon Bato,although I know that many people know about her,I want to tell you a little of her history  Our story begins with an Aeta named Djadig who was looking for food one day inside the forest.While he was searching,a voice called him.When he turned,he saw an image of a beautiful lady on top of a rock .She said,"Come to me.Take me home with you".

Djadig brought home the wooden image.But when his wife saw Djadig brought home wood not food,she threw the image into the fire .The whole house threw up in flames and burned down.Poking into the ashes Djadig found the image not burned but intact.Contrite,he and his wife made an altar for her and called her "Ina PoonBato"because she was found on top of a rock.

The image could be the oldest image in the Philippines because she preceded the Spanish Missionaries ,specifically the Augustinian recollects who found her  when they arrived in Zambales in 1607 .Since then,our Lady has been venerated  and became known for her miracles.

Just how Mrs.Rosellyn Magsaysay,wife of Ex Zambales Governor Vic Magsaysay ,was guided to promote her devotion is a miracle in itself.The original image fell into the hands of the Aglipayans during the revolution of 1897.For 400 years,the knowledge of Ina Poon Bato was limited to the people of Zambales.

In 1976, Fr.Patrick Duggan,parish priest in Barretto town,went to the shop of Maximo Vicente Jr. and had a replica made of the image which the catholic priest had done when the Aglipayans took possession of the original.Mother Therese Vicente ,superior of the Holy Face sisters  was divinely inspired one day to have the image repainted.She herself went to the church where the image was enshrined and asked permission to the parish priest that it be repainted.

Incidentally,Elizabeth L.C. Chan,the internationally known mosaicist,executed the entire facade of this church into mosaic--her first commission after her return from Italy as an Italian Goverment scholar for mosaic art.

This was in 1982.Mother Therese showed the image to Mrs.Magsaysay,at this time.With permission from Bishop Aniceto of San Fernando ,Pampanga,Our Lady was renamed "Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage.Our Lady was brought to pilgrimages all over the Philippines and even abroad.On October 16,1985,Our Lady received Canonical blessings from Pope John Paul II on St.Peter's Square in Rome.Just why should I be writing about her for the first time was made clear to me by Mrs.Magsaysay who said,"Perhaps,we need Ina Again".

 By the time this column comes out ,some towns of Zambales has been isolated from the rest of Luzon for a week now due to the onslaught of lahar which was triggered by heavy rains.

Let us pray to Ina Poon Bato that the rains and the lahar will stop.May God in His Mercy through the intercession of Ina Poon Bato take into His heart the people of Zambales and protect them.




Tempo  (Wednesday / January 24,1990)


Devotees from all over the world will celebrate the feast day of the Miraculous Ina Poon Bato of Zambales today,January 24th.

Focus of the celebration will be the Barrio of Poon Bato in the town of Botolan.Here,hundreds of years ago,the Blessed Mother appeared to Djadig,chieftain of an Aeta tribe,long before the Spaniards arrived.Not knowing who She was,they called her Apo Apang.

In this years' celebration ,H.E.Madame Aisha Gimeta Ambassador of Nigeria will lead the  floral offering at the  10am mass at the catholic church to be concelebrated with Msgr. Chris Cacho as the main celebrant.

Meanwhile on the eve of Her feast day,a Misa Cantada and a Healing mass will be celebrated at the grotto by the well known healer priests Fr.Pascual Adorable and fr. Roger Cortez

The Pilgrim image of Ina Poon Bato have visited the United States,Canada,Italy,France,belgium,even the socialist and communist Poland,Yugoslavia and Czechoslovakia and Asian countries as Japan and Hong Kong.

Travelling the Past 8 years .She has been enthroned to nearly all the diocese in the Philippines .Ina Poon Bato's loving followers nearly encircled the globe for wherever She goes,She leaves behind graces and miracles.

Mrs. Rosellyn Magsaysay,camarera of Ina Poon BAto,is requesting all devotees to bring along their own images of Ina Poon Bato to join the procession and also participate in the Share-a-Rosary and other religious activities to be held at the grotto.

Tourists are especially attracted to the Aglipay procession where the Aetas,some of them probably Djadig's descendants,dress in costume of Spanish Conquistadores to commemorate  their learning about the Mother of God,their Apo Apang.



Manila Bullletin (Saturday, January 19,2002) 


 "Ina PoonBato" Marian Congress Set


Preparations are underway for the holding of Ina Poon Bato Marian Congress on January 22 at Iba,Zambales,to mark World Prayer Day for Peace as declared by Pope John Paul II and the 20th anniversdary of the Rosary Rally Crusade for World Peace.

Organized by the confederation of Women's Network Foundation ,Inc.the Congress aims  to "rediscover Mary,the Mother of God and Her role in promoting Word Peace through prayer and to light the country's  contribution to the propagation of the devotion of Mary.

Marian Congress Chairperson Rosellyn Magsayay ,who has been introducing Ina Poon Bato around the country and the globe said she's doing this in fulfillment of her mission dating back in 1982 when she had her first encounter with the Image of the lady whom the Natives of Zambales called "Apo Apang".

After being told by the late Mother Therese ,foundert of the Holy face center of her mission to introduce the image of Ina PoonBato to humanity ,bringing with her boxes of the image for distribution withprinted materials of prayer and about the Lady,numerous miracles were attributed to her.

"There are,"Magsaysay declared,"Fully documented and kept at my residence on Quezon City which serves as secretariat of the congress."

With Congress theme,"Jesus through Mary,Grant us world peace ,"the gathering of Marian Devotees form here and abroad will be highlighted with testimonials of miracles of the Lady,a concelebrated mass to be offered by Bishop Deogracias Ynriguez of the Diocese of of Zambales and the historic groundbreaking of Ina Poon Bato National Shrine in Botolan,Zambales.

Main Speakers in the plenary sessions are DILG Secretary Joey Lina,Fr.Larry Faraon ,Dr.Telly Somera,Bishop Soc Villegas,Fr.Roger Cortez and Dr.Helena Benitez who will talk on "Ina Poon Bato :Our lady of Peace and Good Voyage".

"Each plenary will session will be followed by an open forum,Magsaysay said.

Invited to share their experiences with the Lady from here and abroad are Sis.Consolacion Alvarez,Fr.Gil Saligumba,Nora Ricagfort,Effie Lagman ,Ninay Padilla,Ramona Raneses,Sally Dee,Dr. Mercedes Atupan and Emilina Garcia-Camp also will discuss the promotion of Marian devotion int he United States.

Serving in the executive committee of the marian congress are Bishop Deogracias Ynriguez as honorary Chaiman ;Dr.Benitez,Senator Loi Estrada,Dr.Leticia de Guzman and Minerva Laudico as advisers.

Committee officers are Atty.Rosario Lopez,ROsario Villar,Dr.Somera,Jose Dominguez,Carmen Lim ,Office Huang and Ramona Raneses as Secretary General. 



Tonight (Saturday,July 6,1991)

The Patron of Poon Bato River

The Holy father replied,"We shall pray together :Hail Mary...and now and the hour of our death.Amen,"The Holy Father gives a second blessing to father DP.

The Holy Father gives Dr.Telly a second blessing with the sign of the  Cross, saying ,"Per tutti questi che hanno sofferto."(For all those who have suffered).

When Sr.Philip MArie Burle,a member  of the most precious blood Community in St.Louis Missouri visited the Philippines late last year,she contacted Nena Prieto,involved in  the propagation of Devotion to Ina.

(Sr.Philip Marie Burle co-authored the "You will receive power"Program,which integrated the healing forces of Catholic tradition ,scripture,sacraments,personal and communal prayer  ,which has been endorsed by the Pope and several members  of the clergy throughout the world.)

Sr.Philip asked if she could get in touch with Fr.Patrick Duggan .One thing led to another ,and Ms.Prieto thought of calling Mrs.Magsaysay,knowing that fr.Duggan was her Spiritual adviser.

 Rosellyn Magsaysay brought an image of Ina when she met Sr.Philip Marie on the midnight flight.When Sr.Philip saw the image,she hugged it because ,very surprisingly she had a stampita of Ina in the bible she brings along wherever she does some healing.

Sr.Philip Marie exclaimed :"She's the blessed Mother in my Bible!She's a Marvelous Virgin!" It turned out that the priest in Massachusetts,who happened to be the brother of Father Duggan ,gave her the stampita.

Although her schedule in Manila was quite tight ,Sr.Philip Marie set aside her free day for a healing session at the Manila cathedral,which is the national shrine of Ina Poon bato.the Blessed Mother from the Grotto,which was then viciting Camp Aguinaldo,also graced the occasion  Rosellyn spoke of Ina's miracles during the rites ,and this was videotaped to be shown in the United States.

Not long after,Rosellyn received a letter from John F. Downs,president of apostolatos Uniti in the United States.It was an Invitation to bring Ina poon Bato and to speak of the miracle at the  International Rosary Congress Cenacle and youth  Pilgrimage from June 21-27,1992 in Washington D.C. 

The invitation came after all approvals had been obtained from the Rector of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception and/or the Diocese of Washington DC.Downs wrote in his letter  that'"if all works out well ,we are most honored to have this oppurtunity to be part of honoring Our Lady in Her National Shrine as Ina Poon Bato."

Again,where is Ina's Grotto Image now?During her recent feast day last January,there was a plan to bring her to the St.Joseph Parish in Olongapo and subsequently tot he Relocation center aty Baquilan,Botolan,Zambales for masses. 



Testimony of Miraculous Cure

"I was massage by Terang whom Rosellyn sent to me.Upon seeing Terang,i was surprised because she brought a small replica of Ina.Upon seeing her immediately I prayed "OH my Mother I am not worthy that you should come to see me.Had I known that you were coming ,I would have brought and prepared flowers for your visit to welcome you even if they were only sampaguitas.Terang and I prayed the Holy Rosary.When Terang opened a bottle of oil after our prayers,the room smelled of sampaguitas. The scent was so strong  that i felt goose pimples all over me.Terang and I looked at each other  and we both felt a blessed presence.Terang then started to massage me while I continued to pray.Terang asked me to open my left hand which was paralyzed since my brain operation 18 years ago.I tried to concentrate on my left hand and could not hel but give out a loud cry when I saw my fingers trembling and opening one at a time.When I tried to en my hand again.It opened easily as if it had never been paralyzed before.

I truly believe that our Mother has helped me.With this manifestation,I truly believe that she is always ready to help anyone who goes  and cries to her for help. 

SGD. Jocelyn R. Gaborro

November,1982; Zambales 



The Aetas’ ‘Apo Apang’ Ina Poon Bato

(Story from the “Book of Miracles” by Josephine Clemente Darang)


Even before they were discovered by the Spanish friars, the Aetas were already venerating the image of Ina Poon Bato. To this day they call her Apo Apang or “Little Queen.”

I found out about Ina Poon Bato when Mt. Pinatubo erupted in 1991 and the front page of newspapers carried photos of the Virgin buried deep in mud in the Pastac River in Botolan, Zambales, where her shrine is located.

I later met Rosellyn Enciso-Magsaysay who developed a deep devotion to “Apo Apang” after the late Mother Therese of the Holy Face of Jesus Community in Quiapo brought the image of the Virgin to the Magsaysay residence in Castillejos, Zambales.

The image was sculpted by Maximo Vicente, a famous sculptor of holy images and father of Mother Therese. She told Rosellyn the Blessed Mother wanted her to propagate the devotion to the Ina Poon Bato not only in Zambales, but in the world.

Mother Therese later found out that the image was copied from a statue which Fr. Patrick Duggan, then parish priest of Botolan, borrowed from the Aglipayan Church, which also venerates the Virgin.

It was a strange message to Rosellyn, a convert to Catholicism being married to Vic Magsaysay. It was also a challenge as Rosellyn didn’t even know how to say the Rosary very well.

The demand from “Apo Apang” took Rosellyn on a 25-year journey of faith and trust. Today, there is an inter-faith village in the Loob-Bunga resettlement in Botolan. Masses are said on the feast day of the Virgin every Jan. 24.

In fulfillment of Ina’s wishes, Rosellyn brought a small image to Rome as a gift to Pope John Paul II on his seventh anniversary as Pope in 1985. Archbishop Paciano Aniceto headed the Philippine delegation that included Mother Therese. Many years before her death, Mother Therese accompanied Rosellyn on her travels bringing Ina to different places.


Sonia Atabug, PR director of Philippine Women’s University, suffered from hyperthyroidism two years ago. But her ailment was not immediately diagnosed though she suddenly lost so much weight. She could not eat very well and became very weak.

Rosellyn, a friend of former Sen. Helena Benitez, brought Sonia to Botolan where she prayed to Ina Poon Bato and asked that her sickness be diagnosed.

When Sonia returned to Manila, she consulted her brother Dr. Joselito Atabug, a cardiologist at the Capitol Medical Center. After several tests, Sonia was found to have hyper-thyroidism. Ina answered her prayer.

When Dr. Atabug suggested surgery, Sonia prayed again to Ina. The doctor, ruled out operation and prescribed oral medicine. Sonia is well now.




Testimony of Miraculous Cure

"I was massage by Terang whom Rosellyn sent to me.Upon seeing Terang,i was surprised because she brought a small replica of Ina.Upon seeing her immediately I prayed "OH my Mother I am not worthy that you should come to see me.Had I known that you were coming ,I would have brought and prepared flowers for your visit to welcome you even if they were only sampaguitas.Terang and I prayed the Holy Rosary.When Terang opened a bottle of oil after our prayers,the room smelled of sampaguitas. The scent was so strong  that i felt goose pimples all over me.Terang and I looked at each other  and we both felt a blessed presence.Terang then started to massage me while I continued to pray.Terang asked me to open my left hand which was paralyzed since my brain operation 18 years ago.I tried to concentrate on my left hand and could not hel but give out a loud cry when I saw my fingers trembling and opening one at a time.When I tried to en my hand again.It opened easily as if it had never been paralyzed before.

I truly believe that our Mother has helped me.With this manifestation,I truly believe that she is always ready to help anyone who goes  and cries to her for help. 

SGD. Jocelyn R. Gaborro

November,1982; Zambales 



It was a wooden image of a smiling lady with a child in  her arms that a Negrito,while gathering firewood  found lying on top of a large piece of rock on a rise  along the mountain that fringes the eastern part of the town of Castillejos,Zambales.Shortly ,a fire burned down the hut of a native ,destroying everything ,but leaving the wooden image intact and unscathed.

Since then, the Lady on the to of the rock has been known as the Virgin of peace and Good Voyage,similar to our Lady in Antipolo ,popularly known as the virgin  of "Poon Bato",Zambales.She became the object of Pilgrimages and devotion,as miraculous happenings including cures  have been attributed to this blessed  Mother of God.

"...It was in Botolan that our Lady of Poon Bato,Brought down from her mountain chapel, displayed her power.It was also where she  demonstrated that she loved all  men,Catholics and non-Catholics alike .Initially enshrined in the Municipal Building,Both catholic and aglipayan factions vied to be Her Host"

"But everytime the image was about to be removed  out of the municipal,rain would fall with thunder to boot.This happened six times!Finally the much perturbed mayor decided to keep his very important  visitor in his official home ,the municipal hall. And the rain and thunder seized .Coincidence perhaps .But we would rather believe a divine  explanation"

"the big miracle cure however ,was the non-Catholic himself.Bedridden with arthritic pain,he nevertheless dragged himself to participate in the rally.Imagine his great surprise when he found himself walking straight ,his pain all gone and forgotten ,as he supervised the activities .No wonder ,Our Lady's  visit to Castillejos  has left the townsfolk and the hordes of visitors agog.We could feel the sincerity  and depth of devotion.of our rural people for the mother of God  wherever we went..."


Jose M. Jr. and Anita S. Meily

Reprint form Philippine Panorama

May 9,1982



Our son Miko who was born on April 26,1982 via cesarian operation,suffered from a collapsed lung .He was scheduled for surgery to drain the lung fluids and hopefully to activate the collapsed lung.We prayed very hard :It was Mrs.Rosellyn Magsaysay who brought our  Lady of Ina Poon Bato to the Hospital.She was shown to all the patients and we prayed fervently to her and asked for the health and recovery of our son.Our prayers were promptly answered as our son progressively attained normal respiration ,X-ray showed that the collapsed lung was already functioning normally ,as if nothing had happened.

The doctors considered the recovery a miracle as the baby did not experience anticipated complications .We thanked Our Lady of Ina Poon Bato  for Our baby's cure.

SGD. Atty. Alfredo Rosete

Zambales, April 1982 



One of the outstanding officers in the bureau of Customs is Epigemia Lagman,Customs service Chief Director III,Administration.Eppie visited the shrine of Ina Poon Bato in Botolan Zambales on January 24 1990 after she learned that she had cancer of the kidney a month earlier.

By April,her doctor,Dr.Leticia Ramos, recommended she stop working as her condition was fast deteriorating ."It would be a miracle if she makes it to July,"Her family was told.

Eppie had a very strong devotion to Mary.She was only fifteen when she entered the Carmelite Convent .But God had other plans for her as she had a heart attack a few months later.Sr. Mary of Jesus Crucified ,the name given to Eppie when she entered the convent ,had to leave.When she got well,she continued her education earning two masters Degree and PhD. from Georgetown University in Washington DC.

Eppie worked on her career and everything went well until she found out the she had cancer.The Crucial month of July came and went and Eppie was still alive through in great pain .Her faith in Mother Mary became even stronger.By November she was in such bad shape the Mother Prioress of the Carmelites decided to clothe her in the Brown Scapular in preparation for her death.On the feast of the Immaculate Conception,the blessed Mother gave her a gift ;the doctors declared her cured! 



By:Carrie Lorenzana 


 A native of Zambales ,bertie Rodolfo Bernardo is familiar with the story of  Apo Apang and her connection with  the Aglipay Church.Being a so-called Cathiloco sarrada,Bertie did not give much credence to the image of ina poon bato which was enshrined in the aglipay  church of Poon Bato.

Bertie had been ill for over a year,four months of which were spent in a hospital going form one crisis to another.First it was kidney stones ,then liver infection ,then Diabetes and even Tuberculosis.Her husband ,a well known architect, Noli Bernardo spared no expense in hiring the best specialists.Despite all these specialists ,she continued to get worse one point she fell into a coma for three days and was given little chance for surviving.

A friend,Annie Crisostomo,brought the Image of ina poon bato to her house.Out of courtesy,Bertie accepted the image,but paid no attention to it.The following day,a sweet fragrance permeated the house,they couldn't find the source yet the same thing happened on the following day.When it occured again on the third day,Bertie's sister and daughter decided to follow the scent.They discovered that it came from the statue of Ina poon Bato.They knelt down in prayer and gratitude while Bertie knelt down in remorse,because she had paid no attention to the Blessed Mother just because thne original image remains in the aglipay church.







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