Ina Poon Bato "The Miraculous Blessed Mother"

Ina Poon Bato After the Mount Pinatubo Eruption

In 1991, Mount Pinatubo erupted.

Dormant for centuries,the volcano spewed from deep in its bowels tons of fine sand into the air.Most of the sand settled in the slopes of surrounding mountains and hills ,some circled the globe.

When the monsoon years come, the sand and water formed into laharwhich inundated the waterways down into the lowlands surrounding the volcano.

The Aeta hamlets on hills of Zambales were buried under and vanished.

The stone statue of Ina,which marks the spot where in pre-spanish time the "little Queen" of the little tribes is believed to have revealed Herself to a brave named Djadig ,was buried shoulder deep.

It was the only thing to be seen for miles around the wasteland that the Pastac river had been turned to.

Devotees worked to have the nine-foot statue extracted from its rock base deep in the sand.

It required 12 men to lift it,but the pilot of the helicopter later claimed to Rosellyn that when the Helicopter lifted,it recorded zero payload.

Brought to the nearest airbase, the image was toured from camp to camp and honored by military and polices officer's ladies.

Equally homeless,the Aeta tribes were resettled away from the lahar's path,in open interior spots of Botolan.

Deeper into the interior was a village named Loob-bunga.Here,Rosellyn Magsaysay found a place with a stream,where they had a makeshift chapel built.

At about this time,the Blessed Mother is said to have appeared in a dream to Rodney Cornejo, the noted landscape designer,while he lay dying in a hospital in Manila.

Shortly, Cornejo arrived at Loob-Bunga with masons and workers.At his own expense,he worked for days laying out the base for a statue fronting a tree.

Out of curiosity,Rosellyn asked Cornejo the reason for putting the Stone statue on that particular spot near a tree even if the boundary for the land was not yet determined.And Cornejo answered,"Mama Mary told me to put Her there,It's what she wants".

After completing the Base,he pulled out and immediately left.He died at the hospital some days later.



The stone statue of Ina extracted from the lahar is now enthroned  there,at a spot by a river and among a people seemingly at Her express choice.




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